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Cameron HR Ltd provides HR services and solutions to suit the culture, values and vision of your organisation. We help keep it safe and compliant but also help you develop the potential of the business.  We do this with honesty, integrity and efficiency whilst keeping equity and wellbeing at the core of our services.


We provide one-off or ongoing (retained) services, including project work to address HR areas you would rather outsource, saving you and your managers time and stress.


Our experience spans the commercial sector; professional services; charitable organisations and education. We have been enjoyed working with small family firms, independent schools, housing associations, theatres, healthcare providers and many more. We are just as happy to provide a one hour advisory session on that tricky absence matter that's been keeping you awake at night, as we are spending time with clients to provide wider strategic support, training or the day-to-day HR policies and procedures which you have on 'the list'.


Our approach is professional and and friendly. We enjoy working with clients in pursuit of a positive and effective workplace and helping you achieve the potential of the business. We would love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Form to discuss your needs. We will always discuss and agree fees before proceeding.

Our Services

Our Services

Cameron HR provides a range of services for clients.  If you need HR business support that is not detailed below, we can probably still help!  Please use the contact form to provide further information and we will get back to you.

Employment Relations

Cameron HR can assist with:

  • Workplace investigations (grievance, disciplinary and management reviews)

  • Mediation

  • Staff consultation

  • Staff engagement and communication

  • Absence management

  • Performance management

Contracts, Policies and Handbooks

We can write and develop HR policies and handbooks to ensure statutory compliance and fit the particular needs and culture of your business.  We can also review existing policies and procedures and make recommendations. We can offer a fixed fee package for contracts and handbook essential policies.

Advice, Support &
Project Work 

We provide confidential and pragmatic advice on all HR matters. This often involves project work focussed on a particular issue or goal e.g.

  • Investigations

  • Appraisal scheme design and launch

  • Departmental or organisational reviews or HR audits

  • Redundancy

  • Performance Management

One-off advice on a specific case, or longer-term HR provision as part of a retained service.

Recruitment and Selection

  • End-to-end  recruitment service from advertising to appointment.

  • Screening/selection service for time-stretched businesses or small start-ups/first appointments.

  • Recruitment strategy review to ensure you are attracting the right candidates.

Reports and Strategic Advice 

Sometimes, you need a fresh pair of eyes and objective insight. No matter your organisation's size, we provide strategic HR and business analysis to solve challenges.


  • Perhaps your team isn’t working to their best ability?

  • Staff morale issue and not sure why?

  • Business growth but values, staff skills and processes gone awry?


Our comprehensive reports, informed by your identified issues and our sector experience, offer a cohesive framework linking strategic recommendations to a pragmatic action plan.

Training & Staff Engagement

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity/Dignity at Work

  • Mentoring Managers

  • Wellbeing Strategy

  • Staff Appraisal

  • Safeguarding (Adults and children)

  • Job Evaluations

  • Absence Management (e.g. Return to Work meetings)

  • And more...

Training and development is provided on-site in Scotland (further afield by agreement) and virtually across the UK.   

Decades of experience 

“We're ready to

step in and make positive changes quickly, resolving

important issues using

our wide experience including

business, education

and the charity


Workplace Investigations
packages to suit all

Workplace Investigations (Disciplinary, Grievance and Management Reviews) can be time consuming, stressful and and yet crucial to a fair process and to gain clarity on a situation. Having an independent investigator support your business through this process, can provide peace of mind and relieve pressures of time (even if you have an internal HR department). It can also be helpful for sensitive matters that may involve senior managers.

  1. Do you want someone to take an investigation completely off your hands?

  2. Perhaps you have a manager you want invest in and train up on a live case with all documentation provided and an HR consultant to provide guidance?

  3. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a manager with investigation experience  but you just need the documentation?


Cameron HR have a package for each of these scenarios, see more details below. Drop us a line to have a chat through what support you need.

Our Packages


Total Investigation Solution

A comprehensive investigation solution for organisations who need to out-source a workplace investigation because they (i) do not have the time or resources or (ii) because of the complexity and/or sensitivity of the matter. This solution provides peace of mind. We take care of the entire process from agreeing Terms of Reference; reviewing evidence; conducting interviews right through to the investigation report and briefing session.

Fee on request. 7-10 days for a straightforward matter dependent on number of witnesses and scale of evidence.


Guided Investigation Solution

A solution that provides peace of mind on compliance and best practice, whilst empowering your manager to work through a live workplace investigation themselves.  Cameron HR will partner with you/your investigating manager to provide advice, guidance and templates to use throughout the process. We will not conduct the investigation but instead, we will ‘walk' your manager through the process. This option will be an investment in your organisation. Your manager will develop valuable skills and experience over two days of coaching and management skills training via a live case. They will be able to investigate in future and assist other managers. Additionally, your organisation will have a comprehensive set of templates for future use. This is a great option for investment in your business.

£1,500 flat fee

(Includes 2 days advisory time with Cameron HR and library of investigation templates).


DIY Investigation Solution

A solution for organisations who have the capacity and experience to carry out a workplace investigation but lack comprehensive up-to-date templates that go beyond the basic documentation found online (which may not be compliant).  This pack includes over 10 template documents ranging from the terms of reference; investigation plan form; suspension decision flow chart; key letters; interview note templates with inbuilt scripts;  an investigation report outline and more.

£500 flat fee (this includes the library of investigation templates)

Ready to find out more?

If you would like an informal chat about the support you are seeking and a no obligations free quote, please get in touch via the Contact Form below. Taking the first step to resolve a staffing issue or to explore an HR project is the first positive step in moving things forward.

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