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Christine O'Ready

Director of Cameron HR Ltd

I started my own HR consultancy in the summer of 2021 in Dundee where I am based with my family.  This has been a long-held dream of mine and 2020 was a catalyst for positive change in my professional and personal life.  With a wide range of HR experience under my belt, I was ready to run my own business and offer a more personal service reflecting my professional values.


I quickly became busy across a wide range of sectors, working for businesses, professional services, creative industries, and schools across the UK.  I also believe in supporting small and medium-sized businesses, charities and start-ups, as often these organisations do not have a designated HR professional and wish to avoid expensive legal advice, My work and connections with trade bodies, lawyers and unions keeps me up to date with best policy and practice in handling each situation. 

I'm passionate about treating people fairly and with dignity and respect, expressed through clear, transparent, and authentic communication.   I know this is not always easy where professional or company interests are at stake but, as many HR professionals or lawyers will attest, it is more beneficial and dignified in the long-term for all concerned. In addition, I am always mindful of the wellbeing of all those involved in a difficult case regardless of the circumstances, including managers.

Throughout my career, I have always been very cognisant of the fact that employment and life events are not mutually exclusive.  Never has this been clearer than during the COVID pandemic and lockdown, where the extent to which our personal and professional lives are interlinked became so apparent.  The world and our society have changed as a result, and we need to continue supporting one another as we move forward.  I have always strongly believed that if employers can show employees that they care about them then they, in turn, will care about the business and its goals.  To that end, the small details and the consistent implementation of HR policy are as important as the big strategic decisions.  These aspects combine to create an authentic and fair culture that every member of staff can trust and engage with. 

So, as a basis:

  • Ensuring you have mutually agreed and appropriate HR policies which are well communicated and accessible 

  • Clear and unambiguous role definitions and terms of employment so expectations are known from the outset

  • Engaging appraisal/review initiatives that staff do not dread, improving motivation

  • Pragmatic and helpful management training which can be applied immediately

  • Helpful and streamlined transactional (administrative) HR procedures that serve a purpose

I would be delighted to assist you with any of your HR requirements (please see 'Our Services' for more).  For an informal chat about the needs of your business, or to discover more about what Cameron HR provides, please get in touch.

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